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FAQ Alef Bet Games

Q. What level of Hebrew learning games do you have?
A: The majority of our content includes Hebrew reading practice for beginners. All of our Hebrew learning games include vowels. 

Q: Are the Hebrew learning games just for kids?

A: No! They are for beginners of any age. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn Hebrew. The content can be integrated into Jewish homeschool curriculum, Hebrew school classrooms, in-person and online tutors and biblical Hebrew study groups focusing on Hebrew reading practice. 

Q. What venues are your Hebrew Learning games formatted for?
A. While Hebrew worksheets are only compatible with in-person classrooms, the digital games Hebrew are formatted for distance learning environments, projectors, or both. 

Q. What does the motto, "Say it, before you play it," mean?
A: Commercial games, like "Checkers," are played by their standard rules. In the Hebrew learning game version, the student must read the phonetic sound or word in Hebrew before moving a checker. ​

Q. How can I use your online Hebrew games when my students are in separate locations?
A: Easily! Sharing your screen and selecting "remote control access" allows multiple students to play simultaneously on the same screen. This can be done as a whole-class activity, in pairs, or breakout rooms.

Q. Are all of your Hebrew learning materials activity-based?
A. Yes. All of them.

Q. What is the best way to stay informed of free Hebrew teaching materials?
A. Following on
Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers store is the best way to stay informed on the latest freebies and content.

Q: Do you take custom orders?
A. For custom orders, email